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      1. 應用英語專業
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        The Department of Applied English Studies has undergraduate degree programs in Business English and Scientific English and joint five-year undergraduate double-degree programs in English and Law and English and Political Science.

        The undergraduate degree programs of Business English and Scientific English were first established in the Department of Foreign Languages in the former Shandong University of Industry in the 1970s. Over time, the Department gained substantial experience in teaching and managing the two programs. This has helped the Department to become a forerunner in the country in initiating a raining model of “foreign language + specialties”, and complying with the social demands of interdisciplinary and practical talents after the country opened up and began to reform. The programs stresses training students’ language skills as well as appealing to their knowledge and interest in business and science and technology. This gives students a complete structure of relevant knowledge and enables them to be more competitive in their future work. Now the two programs offer courses in Scientific Newspaper Reading, Reading in Scientific English, Basic Principles of the Database, the Computer Network, Practical Scientific Writing, the Theory and Practice of International Trade, International Finance, E-Business, Foreign Trade Letters and Cables, and Practical Writing about Foreign Economy and Trade.

        The Department, with the Law School of Shandong University jointly initiated the undergraduate double-degree program of Law and English in 2000 and, with the School of Political Science and Public Administration, the undergraduate double-degree program of English and International Politics in 2001. The two programs give full play to the interdisciplinary advantages of Shandong University by employing a model that trains students with foreign language talents to be interdisciplinary in their approach to education. Both programs are five years in duration. The first three years in each program students are occupied studying mainly the courses of an English Major. The next two years are devoted to studying mainly the courses of a Law Major or a Politics and Public Administration Major. The students who have completed all the stipulated courses and have met the grade requirements are awarded a double-degree of LLB and BA of Literature or a BA of Political Science and a BA of Literature. The students are equipped with the basic theory, knowledge and skills in law and politics and a mastery of the English language that meet the social demands of the 21st century for high-quality and interdisciplinary talents. This new model has already proved to be one with distinguished features and hope.

        The Department has two professors, 12 associate professors and three lecturers. All teachers in the Department have MA degrees, five of them have PhD degrees, and six of them are doctoral candidates.

        Address: No.5, Hongjialou, Jinan, Department of Applied English Studies, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shandong University

        Postal Code: 250100

        Telepohe: 0531-88378295

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