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      1. 翻譯專業
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        Globalization and the growth in exchanges between China and the rest of the world have increased the demand for high quality interdisciplinary foreign language talents. To meet this demand, in March 2007 Shandong University’s School of Foreign Languages and Literature established the Department of Translation and Interpretation in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education. The Department was set up to give full play to the university’s multidisciplinary advantage and make the best use of staff resources. It was known that this would improve students’ foreign language skills and their professional quality as well as broaden their horizon and social abilities. It was on this basis that the structure of the new department was modeled on the Department of English and the Department of Applied English Studies. Then to further its multidisciplinary approach and provide it with staff there was a redistribution of staff in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, the Department of Russian Language and Literature, the Department of South Korean Language and Literature and the Department of German Language and Literature.

        The Department has adopted the fostering model of combining foreign language, translation and interpretation skills with specialized knowledge. With strict and systematic training, the Department introduces the students to basic theories and knowledge of language, culture, history, politics, the economy, and diplomacy. This gives students translation practice and theories along with listening skills, reading, and the opportunity to express themselves orally and in writing. In this way, the Department equips the students with proficiency in translating and interpreting in a particular field and competence in finding employment in translation, research, teaching or management in the fields of diplomacy, culture, media, education, scientific research, trade and economics, tourism, and law.

        Undergraduate courses offered cover English Intensive Reading, Advanced English, English Listening, Oral English, Audio and Video English, English Writing, English Extensive Reading, Translation, Advanced Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Translation of Legal Materials, and Translation of Science Materials.

        Now the Department has a highly experienced staff of 12, including four professors, six associate professors and two lecturers.

        Address: No. 5, Hongjialou, Jinan, Department of Translation & Interpretation,School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Shandong University

        P.C.: 250100

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