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                  1. Jiangsu BaJu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


                    One-time bioreactor boosts biomedical industry to achieve medium and high speed development


                    [China Pharmaceutical Network Editorial Point] The biomedical industry is a key development area of ??"Made in China 2025" and a key direction for the country's strategy of manufacturing a strong country. With the advancement of the "13th Five-Year Plan" process, the policy-oriented "dividends" of the national biomedical industry have doubled. It is reported that in recent years, "Chinese Medicine Development Strategy Planning Outline (2016-2030)", "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry", and "Several Opinions on Promoting the "Three Products" of the Consumer Goods Industry to Create a Good Market Environment" The introduction of such policy documents has pointed out the direction for the future upgrade of the biomedical industry, and the support for the innovation capability, quality brand, smart manufacturing and green manufacturing of the entire industry has continued to increase.

                    With the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry, bioreactors will also develop rapidly as a powerful weapon for the biopharmaceutical industry. According to industry insiders, bioreactor technology is now the core supporting technology in the industrialization of biotechnology, and is also an important factor in determining the quality and cost of products in the biomedical production process. Therefore, companies need to constantly cultivate "internal work" and improve bioreactor technology.



                    Disposable bioreactor (picture from Baidu picture)

                    The author is informed that the one-time biopharmaceutical system can reduce the process of repeated cleaning, sterilization and disinfection in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, saving the trial and error and production time for the pharmaceutical company, and the success rate is high. With the continuous advancement and development of disposable biopharmaceutical systems, it will begin to replace traditional stainless steel systems, and is increasingly favored by biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

                    Yang Wei, manager of product application support at Sartorius, said, “At present, China is at the right time for the rapid development of single-use technology. In the past decade, single-use technology has matured both in research and development and in technology. In the context of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, one-off production equipment provides a highly advantageous technology platform. Specifically, the single-use technology is very flexible, it can produce different types and scales of products, to deal with various diseases, indications and more Changing market demand. Moreover, compared to stainless steel equipment, one-off technology has greatly reduced the investment in the early stage of fixed assets, while shortening the cycle of plant construction, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing overall production costs."

                    From a global perspective, the development of life sciences and biotechnology is changing with each passing day. The biomedical industry is becoming one of the fastest growing emerging industries in the world and the competition height of major economies. In China, the bio-pharmaceutical industry is an important part of the national strategic emerging industry. In the next 10 years, the bio-pharmaceutical industry will achieve rapid development. The rapid development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry is both an opportunity and a challenge for the bioreactor industry. On the one hand, it has brought huge market space to the bioreactor industry, but on the other hand, it has raised higher to the bioreactor industry. Requirements.

                    Disposable products have revolutionized the bio-manufacturing sector to meet the specific professional needs of biotherapeutic drug development and manufacturing. It is reported that disposable bioreactors - these bioreactors are designed to be used as stirred tank reactors for animal cell culture, using traditional stainless steel bioreactor principles to help ensure optimal cell culture performance. These bioreactors make full use of disposable products to contact the surface, reducing contamination and minimizing cleanup, giving it a unique advantage.

                    The author is informed that the world's leading supplier of equipment and services for the biopharmaceutical industry, Sartorius, has developed a new generation of BIOSAST STR® bioreactor systems. The combination of the new BIOSTAT STR® bioreactor with the ambr® 250 technology will significantly reduce process development and process amplification time. Manager Yang Wei said: "These highly scalable disposable bioreactors are intelligent, low-risk bioprocess development solutions for multi-product manufacturers and CMOs for the production of biological products and vaccines. ”

                    Disposable bioreactors are a new type of technology that is important for the development of biomedicine. However, from the current point of view, it still has certain defects. Therefore, enterprises still need to continuously carry out research and development and innovation to produce products that are safer, more humane and more in line with market demand, thus promoting the further development of the biomedical industry.

                    (Source: China Pharmaceutical Network)

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