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                  1. Jiangsu BaJu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

                    ABOUT US




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                    ABOUT US

                    Jiangsu BaJu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in Binhai by Zhejiang Charioteer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in December, 2003. Now, our company is professional in manufacturing of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, such as, antiviral drugs, anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, angiocarpy drugs and antineoplastic drugs. At present, we are a national high-tech enterprise, Provinciae-level pharmaceutical engineering research center. The company has 2 factories in north and south. There are about 600 employees. Space cover is about 400mu. Total assets are about CNY 700 million Yuan. Register capital is CNY 200 million.

                    Our company is at leading position in technology and production scale in China. And our product has a considerable reputation and credibility in European and American market. Most of our products have been sold to Germany Bayer, Netherlands DSM, Israel TEVA, American Perrigo and other famous pharmaceutical companies, and we became a long-term partner with htese companies. Our company passes inspection of State Food and Drug Administration, American FDA, European Union EDQM, Brazil ANVIS, Korea KFDA, Mexio Cofepris for many times. And our quantity management system continues to cover the company and continues to be improved..

                    Our company continues to increase investment in safety and environmental protection. In terms of safety, the vehicle personnel real-name system entry and exit and risk development functions have been completed. The automation control system has been upgraded and reformed. There are 8 sets of distributed control systems (DCS) and 1 set of safety instrumented systems (SIS). At the same time, the secondary platform of our company was established, which is divided into Zhejiang Zhongkong PIMS production management system and video surveillance system, including fire alarm system, flammable and toxic gas alarm system, environmental end data monitoring system and plant video monitoring system. This platform is also connected and interconnected with the first-level platform of park to improve the intrinsic safety of the enterprise, improve the on-site working environment, improve work efficiency, save human resource costs, and realize visual and refined security management. It is planned to build a safety production information management platform that integrates major hazard source monitoring information, flammable and toxic gas detection and alarm information, enterprise safety risk zoning information, production personnel-on-duty information and safety production process management information before the end of 2019, and earnestly implements the entity responsibility of safety production, comprehensively improves the level of safety production management of enterprise. In terms of environmental protection,we have installed two sets of RTO for exhaust gas incinerator, two sets of activated carbon fiber adsorption devices, two sets of dust electrostatic adsorption devices, one set of characteristic exhaust gas treatment technology (ozone catalytic oxidation) equipment, an automatic control system for exhaust gas treatment facilities, and 3 sets of VOCs online monitors at exhaust gas discharge port, 2 sets of CEMS online monitors; one set of high-salt wastewater pretreatment MVR evaporation system, two sets of three-effect evaporation devices, one set of "iron-carbon micro-electrolysis + Fenton oxidation", 2 sets of "UASB+A/ Two sets of O" biochemical system, one set of electrodialysis, one set of Diffusion dialysis membrane separation, monitoring of installation conditions of wastewater treatment system, separate measurement of water, electricity and steam, installation of COD and ammonia nitrogen on-line monitor at discharge port; one set of hazardous waste incineration disposal system (rotary kiln); moreover, we also upgraded and reformed the part flow system of rainwater and sewage in the plant to achieve the precise controlling of initial rainwater.

                    Based on market requirement, our company strives to develop pharmaceutical intermediates withh igh technical content and low pollution. Technical innovation is the route one must take for a manufacturing company of pharmaceutical intermediates. Since establishment, our company always takes technological improvement of old products, new product research and technical cooperation as priority among priorities. In our company (south and north zone), there are about 100 professional staffs for research and quality management, including 15 Master Degree Candidate. Our company spends 5% of sales revenue on the research and development. Now, our company has established cooperative relations with Sichuan University, East China University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Engineering University, Jiangsu Ocean University and Yancheng Teachers University, etc. Through over ten years of great efforts, the company has passed authentication of municipal high-tech enterprise and provincial high-tech enterprise.

                    In future, our company will continuously increase investment in automatic facilities, technology innovation, talent cultivation and culture development. We will serve all friends with more professional and regular technique, products and service.

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                    Add:Yanhai Industrial Park, Binhai Economic Development Zone, Binhai County, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

                    Sales Department:+86-515-84383462(Manager Wang) 
                    +86-21-68471082, +86-21-68471083, +86-21-61620651




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